Alexandra Stanton, Gullible VC and Trustify Investor

Alexandra Stanton, calls herself a VC, and Trustify Investor. In this interview below, Alexandra presents herself as a seasoned investor who invests in double-bottom-line companies that “do well while doing good.” Mr. Cranky thinks, not so much.

If you can’t see the interview yourself can find it by linking here.

If you listened to the interview, you may have heard Ms. Stanton opine on the health of a very unhealthy, about to go out of business… Trustify. I will bet you that Alexandra Stanton has not:

  1. seen independently audited Trustify financials reports
  2. spoken with any of the multiple Trustify employees who have not received a paycheck in months
  3. spoken with the 7 – 8 employees who were fired on November 26th from the company for filing complaints with the labor board because Trustify hadn’t paid them for their work (see Washington Business Journal Coverage of employee lawsuit).
  4. spoken with any of the 4 or 5 employees that remain with Trustify
  5. checked with the host of Private Investigators who are struggling to collect payment for the work they performed for the company

  6. talked to any of the Trustify suppliers who are reportedly owed over $900 thousand
  7. had a conversation with her buddy Dini von Mueffling, who is suing Danny Boice and Jen Mellon for cheating them out of over $200 thousand
  8. given a shit about shit

Here’s another interview where Alexandra Stanton worships at the porcelain altar of the  toilet that is Trustify:

Actually, Trustify, as we talked about earlier, by way of the private-investigator house. As a lawyer, I can let you know, nobody has executed what they’re doing. They’ve democratized the investigatorial house. Each legislation agency, each financial institution, anybody, wants assist investigating. That is an instance of an amazing firm.

First, Alexandra, I’m the last person to question someone’s grammar but what the hell did you just say?

  • “by way of the private-investigator house” – huh?
  • “They’ve democratized the investigatorial house” – double huh huh?
  • “anybody, wants assist investigating.” – as a person who isn’t a lawyer and didn’t go to law school, what law school taught you to obfuscate the English language like that?
  • “That is an instance of an amazing firm? – Ms. Stantonthat is an instance of some amazing baffling bullshit!

Nope, Alexandra, “nobody has executed what they’re doing,”  you have that wrong. I am confident that Danny Boice’s, mentor Andy Powers, CEO of Communicliqe (DBA CliqueAPI) is executing exactly like Danny is… the Commonwealth found they were cheating investors by faking revenue numbers and using investor cash for purposes other than building a company (see post).   Let me add that no one is as either clueless or complicit in crime as you are. It’s not only criminal that your touting the virtues of what all reports indicate is a fraudulent enterprise but what you did to the English language was most definitely criminal.

I have just a few questions for Alexandra Stanton, linguistic gymnast as well as self-described VC and Trustify Investor:

  • How many growing companies do you know that have grown from over 30 employees to 4?
  • Why did retroactive cofounder, Jen Mellon, wife of the co-founder leave the company and her husband and why is she trying to distance herself from a jail sentence?
  • What is their revenue? How do you know?
  • Why can’t a 3-year-old profitable growing company of 4 employees that raised reportedly over $18 million in venture financing make payroll? Update December 8, 2018: The company reportedly did not make payroll again on December 3. The company is being sued by unpaid employees.
  • How many healthy companies fire 8 employees like Trustify did on Monday, November 26? Fired for complaining to the labor board because the company stopped paying them?
  • How many CEOs of healthy companies risk sanctions and loss of child custody because they refuse to follow a court order and open up their financials to a judge? What is he hiding (Update 12/6: instead of facing witnesses in open court, Danny Boice who originally sued his wife for sole custody of their children, signed away full legal custody to his ex-wife on December 3, 2013, filed in Loudon County Court).
  • How many CEO’s of a profitable growing company owe approximately $20K in court-ordered court fees and fail to pay?
  • December 8, 2018 update: How many healthy growing profitable companies can’t pay their phone bills? – call Trustify at: +1 (877) 415-7515
  • and see what happens.
  • December 12, 2018 update: Supposed growing profitable Trustify engaged the same company Stanton used, Dini Von Mueffling (DMV), to do PR and damage control over their bad reputation. Trustify racked up over $200 thousand in fees in 6 months. On November 8th DMV filed a lawsuit for non-payment of fees. The suit alleges that Boice faked a receipt!  Do growing profitable companies do that?

Based on your interview here, it is evident that you have either not verified your facts prior to making profit and growth assertions or you are an accomplice in what appears to be a fraudulent enterprise. It seems that you value your reputation as much as Trustify employees value bounced Trustify Payroll checks. I hope for your sake no one invests based on your intentional or misinformed recommendations. Because when those investors all get together to sue the founders, they should name you as an accomplice just like Communiclique investors are suing Ram Reddy because he talked a bunch of people into investing in Communiclique (see post).

Furthermore, Alexandra Stanton, I see no evidence to back up your assertion that you are a Venture Capital Investor. Some red-flag indicators that you’re not a VC:

  • You and Your firm are not listed on Crunchbase
  • Not listed in Angel List
  • Not listed in Gust
  • Your website says you’re a business development firm and not an angel or venture capital firm
  • Can find no SEC filings verifying an investment in a startup
  • I can find no evidence that you ever invested cash in a startup
  • You have no idea what you’re talking about (okay, maybe that means you are a VC)

Your website says, and I quote,  your firm is a “Direct strategic advisory and business development services to U.S. firms. Created new company with operations in multiple foreign markets including the U.S., China, India and Turkey. Assist private sector clients in raising venture and working capital for expansion and development. Arrange local representation for U.S. firms in foreign countries. Identify U.S. and foreign partners for joint ventures. Facilitate U.S. export promotion.” That’s kind of strange description of a Venture Capital firm.

Look Alex (mind if I call you Alex?), If doing good is funneling money to the unemployable… than you are doing good. If helping bad people abuse real business people, employees and family then you are aiding Trustify are they do damage to others.

And Dan Patterson of CBS, CNet, and TechRepublic, you’re even more guilty of spreading lies… you call yourself a journalist? I didn’t know that journalists don’t fact check. You screwed up buddy! You should be ashamed of yourself… when the founders of Trustify are in jail, and the company is closed down by state and federal authorities… I’ll remind you that you were asleep at the wheel.

I’m wondering Dan, did Dini Von Meufflin (DMV) arrange for this interview? Because DMV also represented Trustify, these parties, Dini, Alexandra, and Danny Boice of Trustify work together and belong together. Dini Von Meufflin is now suing Trustify, you know the company that according to Alexandra, is growing and profitable for non-payment of over $200 thousand in fees (see post).

UPDATE March 20, 2019: On March 20th, a lawsuit was filed b Anchorage Capital accusing Trustify of Fraud, and Embezzlement (See Details Here). Just three months after Alexandra Stanton assured Dan Patterson that Trustify was a fast-growing healthy, do-good company, she signed an affidavit in support of Anchorage Capital’s lawsuit against Trustify. Here is what she signed.


I, Alexandra Stanton and Sam Natapoff, affirm the following under penalty of perjury:

  1. I am a stockholder of record of Defendant Trustify, Inc.
  2. I have reviewed the Verified Complaint and Petition for Inspection of Books and Records, Appointment of a Receiver/Custodian, and Entry of a Status Quo Order (the “Complaint”) filed by Anchorage Illiquid Opportunities Offshore Master V, L.P. (“Anchorage’) in this action.
  3. To the extent the Complaint concerns acts or matters of which I have direct personal knowledge, I know those allegations to be true and correct.
  4. To the extent the Complaint concerns matters of which I do not have direct personal knowledge, I believe those allegations to be true and correct.
  5. As a Trustify, Inc. stockholder of record, I, therefore, support the allegations detailed in the Complaint and the full relief Anchorage requests therein.

Dated: March 20, 2019

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