AdvisoryCloud Running on Fumes

I’ve received multiple calls and comments regarding the scumbags at Advisory Cloud. Today’s comment from an anonymous source references another round of layoffs. This one reportedly being 15 people from customer support. That is added to lay off a few months ago of another large group.

The Comment:

“If anyone out there is still thinking…”I’ll give em a shot” good luck! There is no longer a customer service/member success department! Just today this pile of trash company laid off 15 more people and they were all in the customer service department. Supposedly they want to automate everything which, I can tell you from experience, will not work well! I for one hope this is a sign that they are going to be shutting the doors soon. I am not sure how they recently got rated #615 on top 5000 fastest growing companies. Maybe it was a misprint” — Anonymous August 20, 2029

No worries Anonymous, Inc doesn’t audit the numbers so liars can lie and we all know that the douchenozzle CEO of AdvisoryCloud,  Jonathan Aspatore is a liar. His company is a scam and his company is another day closer to being a was instead of an is.

I guess just changing the name from the tainted hated ExecRanks to the new cooler sounding AdvisoryCloud didn’t even put lipstick on that stinking pig. Hey Aspatore, when you spray shit with shit aroma perfume… it still tastes like shit.

It only takes a simple google search to find out what customers think about this dumpster fire (see reviews)

Here’s an older comment on one of my AdvisoryCloud posts:

“If you’re reading this review you either work at AdvisoryCloud or are looking for reviews of the company. I doubt you’ll be reading this review if you are looking for an opportunity to work at AdvisoryCloud.

AdvisoryCloud. What a perfect name for such a shady company. Previously known as ExecRanks, AdvisoryCloud changed the company name in the middle of March. If you work or worked there, you know ExecRanks had awful client reviews. This is one of the reasons AdvisoryCloud became the new name. But there is even more shady activity to come.

With this company name change, there were many celebrations and positive energy passed down from the company leaders. Talk of how great our new platform is. Especially how the public profile is going to change advisory work for the future. How we’re growing so fast and will soon not be able to keep up!

A few weeks go by and sales are trickling in much slower than anticipated. The tension begins to build, upper management starts to squirm and attempt to fix this obvious problem.

Once happy workers, became down and discouraged. The “perks” AdvisoryCloud provided their employees were not enough. Morale is down. Free kombucha, coffee and bagels on Friday? Not enough. Many can’t make ends meet as their paychecks were cut in half.” — Frank

The two sales directors try to boost the sales team up daily and cheer for a day with 40 sales, pathetic. They have an interesting dynamic. The two sales directors are engaged. One stomps around with a chip on their shoulder, unapproachable with a rbf all day, the other is nice and friendly to everyone.

Another interesting dynamic at AdvisoryCloud is how alienated the sales team, on-boarding and member success teams are from each other. There is tension when people from different departments mingle or chat. Some have even been asked to stop chatting by upper management. This seem quite questionable. Especially considering AdvisoryCloud puts on a facade of a fun and collaborative workplace.

The amateur sales directors and unseasoned upper management are stressed for months trying to formulate a script that could fix the ongoing sales drought. Recently they believed to have “struck gold” with a new sales script. It was so fabulous it didn’t need to be proofed for errors. It was sent to the entire sales team with typos. I’m not kidding, lol.

Another issue that came with the name change; AdvisoryCloud let go 20% of their employees. They are having a financial fire just mere months after becoming AdvisoryCloud. The reason being, the entire upper management mislead themselves and all employees to believe the new platform could boost sales and create booming business. Not shocking to see this isn’t the case as upper management has very little professional background.

Those 20% included moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas—people at all different stages in their lives. What they had in common was an abrupt financial stress of an immediate job loss without severance of any sort. That’s how broke they are and how little they cared about those employees. The upper management began plucking people off of every team. One by one employees who worked hard at AdvisoryCloud were notified they were being laid off immediately and escorted out. Shady. The AdvisoryCloud.

“AdvisoryCloud is the future of advisory work” is what the CEO would say. However, it’s clear the future for AdvisoryCloud will be bankruptcy or worse. The public profile doesn’t “sell itself” if there’s nothing for executives to find on it… This is just a taste of the shady tea there is to spill on AdvisoryCloud.

Unlike AdvisoryCloud, the internet is forever and so are the many negative reviews from disappointed advisors and unhappy, anxious employees. Soon there will be too many negative reviews for AdvisoryCloud and they will have to change their name again. If AdvisoryCloud even lasts long enough. RIP AdvisoryCloud and ExecRanks.

Hopefully this review has the word AdvisoryCloud enough times the “new SEO feature of the platform” brought it straight to the top of every search on any search engine! But honestly, that feature probably doesn’t even exist.”

This thing is going down. I don’t think there will be an AdvisoryCloud by the end of the year. And the idiots who pay them, they are like the people who are still paying AOL $9,99 because they failed to cancel their dial-up service.

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