AdvisoryCloud Review

When I first wrote an AdviosryCloud review, the company had recently changed its name from ExecRanks to AdvisoryCloud.

Why would a company that had spent time and money building a brand, change that name and run away from that brand? Because according to every legitimate advisory cloud review I ever read, the company is a dumpster fire.

When I wrote this my first post on these Bozos, there were only reviews available under the ExecRanks name. Now the AdvisoryCloud reviews are in.

AdvisoryCloud Review on Trust Pilot

Joel oskin
1 review
1 star: Bad
Aug 11, 2019
Title: Very poor experience and unprofessional
Very poor experience with a couple of their recruiters who reached out to me.
The first introduction was a complete “no show” on a call that was confirmed. I emailed the person and never heard back. The second contact was from another recruiter a few days after. No acknowledgement when I mentioned my prior experience, just wanted to move forward with their process. After the first call I was bombarded with calendar invites daily for the next meeting despite the fact I had requested on “four” separate occasions that I had some pressing priorities and “I would get back to them in a few days”. They did not care in the least, it could have been a funeral, they just didn’t care. I have been treated better at used car lots and timeshare sales.

Very disappointing, seems like a boiler room scam.

Phil Taylor
1 review
1 star: Bad
Aug 7, 2019
Title: Waste of time and money
Waste of time and money. Just pumping for recurring subscription with poor list of opportunities. Didn’t bother to follow up with me until, surprise, my credit card number changed. Then they hounded me daily!

Thomas Stewart
2 reviews (a 1 Star review for AdvisoryCloud and a 5 Star review for Protection Inc)
Updated Apr 24, 2019
Title: Do not sign up!
Applied to over 25 “open” board positions. Only heard back from one. Otherwise, not even a “no thanks” from any of the others – just stuck in “pending” for six months. Sales team promised me they were communicating with the companies, but I think I talked to a real person twice after the initial screening.

I was told I’d be given weekly recommendations for my specific skill set. Never happened. They told me it would be like a concierge service with national reach, but after they started receiving my money and the initial “intake” (which was just a copy/paste of my LinkedIn), no one reached out and attempted to work with me.

They said I’d have to wait 6-12 months before getting any traction, but looking back, that doesn’t really make any sense. Why would it take months for a board to “notice” me when my profile is there to see at all times and all they have to do is reach out? It feels more like they just want me to pay $2500 before they start taking my needs seriously. I’d rather just give them a percentage of my placement or hourly meetings than pay a subscription fee. Then we both have motive to try hard to schedule interviews.

Overall, waaaay oversold and under-delivered. I don’t believe it’s a scam. They just aren’t running a very good business.

Jonathan Goldhill
1 review (1 Star review for AdvisoryCloud)
Apr 16, 2019
Title: I just found AdvisoryCloud on LinkedIn…
I just found AdvisoryCloud on LinkedIn and thought this was for me, but it occurred to me quickly that this might be the same organization as ExecRank, which was a total waste of time and money.

I’m glad i saw this rebranding as a ploy to get away from what I assumed were poor reviews of ExecRank. And, sure enough, the bad reviews and rebranding were discovered by others.

Don’t be fooled. Most of you will waste your money.

1 review
May 20, 2019
Title: A Rotting Fish By Any Other Name Still Stinks
This company has a horrible reputation. Check Better Business Bureau, Reddit, Quora. They are notorious for a hard sell and after they have you paying $200 per month, providing little if any service. Save your time, save your money, you have just as much a chance of getting a board seat if you sit on a street corner with a sign, Board Seat Wanted.

Angus Reed
1 review (1 Star review for AdvisoryCloud)
Apr 3, 2019
Title: AdvisoryCloud = ExecRanks
AdvisoryCloud is just a rebrand of ExecRanks and has the same business model with fees for no service and results and no recourse to refund your fees. Steer clear of this organization and their inflated promises, and save yourself money and headaches.

Mary Ann
2 Reviews (1 star review for AdvisoryCloud)
May 20, 2019
Title: Cancel per State Law
Gave them my credit card, but never got a contract to review or even a receipt. I canceled within 24 hrs, and no one got back to me quickly. #AdvisoryCloud does not allow anyone to cancel, but they don’t tell people that.
If you fell for this scam, please look up your state law. Many of us have states that allow us to cancel a purchase within 3 business days even if the company we are canceling with does not recognize it.
Any good company allows one to cancel as they care about their reputation more than the money. #AdvisoryCloud is all about the $.
This means they will not last long.

Elijah G (Fake News Alert – Fake Reviewer)
April 19, 2019
2 reviews
(1 5 Star Review of AdvisoryCloud and 1 5 Star review of ExecRanks) Apr 19, 2019
Title: These recent couple reviews honestly…
These recent couple reviews honestly boggle me. I spent time as an inside consultant with this organization. I will admit, not everything ran as smooth as it should have in the past. Hence, why my team was brought in. But this is seriously a group of very talented leaders looking to become a dominant force in this space. The re-brand was not to get away from their previous company, but to provide a much more dialed-in and effective service. The new add-ons, leadership and commitment are top-notch! Before you comment on the re-vamped service, I would suggest knowing the details.

Mr. CrankyNote: This clown Elijah G is the only reviewer to use just a last initial. Old Elijah G wrote two total trust pilot reviews and they were both for AdvisoryCloud/ExecRanks and they are both exactly the same word for word.


AdvisoryCloud has an attorney call me last week to let me know that I had mistakenly associated AdvisoryCloud with the company ExecMagic. He was correct, and I was wrong, ExecMagic is not the same company. I understand why AdvisoryCloud would not want to be associated with a company as cheesy as Execmagic. I’m sure ExecRanks would be just as embarrassed to be compared to the burning pile of poo that is AdvisoryCloud. Both both companies, AdvisoryCloud and ExecMagic are associated… both take money from clients and provide little if any value.

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