AdvisoryCloud Inc 5000 Goofs

AdvisoryCloud is an  Inc 5000 fastest growing company? Bullshit! AdisoryCloud doesn’t lead the Nation in Revenue Growth, Customer Growth, or Customer Satisfaction. Dumpster Fire AdvisoryCloud leads the business community in other categories like recent unemployment applications by former employees, Better Business Bureau complaints, and negative Trust Pilot reviews.

In the last six months, AdivosryCloud laid-off over 60% of their employees. Yet, according to this article, in the North Bay Business Journal, by Jeff Quakenbush (email Jeff and tell him about your experience with this company, you can email him by linking here:, this Band of Douchenozzle’s are killing it!

These clowns at AdvisoryCloud came in #615 in the 2019 Inc 5000 with a three-year revenue growth of 713 percent. Hey, Jeff Quackenbush, want to know how they got listed at #615? Lie! Lie about your revenue and your growth. Hey Quackenbush, do you know how Inc 5000 audits the self-reported numbers of the applicants for the Inc 5000 list? They don’t. So maybe you should take a lesson from my local paper, The Washington Business Journal’s,  Andy Medici, and do a little digging. Figure out what’s going on in your backyard, because AdvisoryCloud is a horrible failing company (Check these posts).

This scumbag, Jonathan Aspatore, is an incompetent businessman and with a very loose relationship with the truth.. AdvisoryCloud had to change its name from ExecRanks because ExecRanks had such a bad reputation. That’s the only reason a company that has spent so much time and money building a brand would pivot to a completely new brand. It didn’t take AdvisoryCloud long to build a reputation as a Dumpster Fire. Reviews from Customers and Employees are horrible. Don’t be fooled by any of the 4 or 5-star reviews… Cockwaffle Jonathan Aspatore submits false reviews to review sites just like he stretched the truth to Inc Magazine. Just like he tells stories to employees and customers.

As the AdvisoryCloud death spiral continues the reviews keep coming in (these reviews are in addition to these).

Glassdoor Reviews

Title: “Layoffs left and right to keep from shutting down failing business”

Date: Aug 23, 2019
Star Rating: 1
Former Employee – Member Services
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at AdvisoryCloud full-time for more than a year

Pros: Flexible schedule Ability to work remotely Great coworkers

Cons: The company is a sinking ship. They do layoffs seemingly quarterly and masquerade them as progress in the company and it’s “product/service”. The truth is that the company was failing as ExecRanks and continues to fail as AdvisoryCloud (all you have to do is look at trust pilot). The CEO is charismatic, so he is able to get the slowly dwindling staff excited for what’s to come – only to blindside them with another round of layoffs. Run, don’t walk from this company.

Title: “Scammers of the highest caliber”

Date: Aug 20, 2019
Star Rating: 1 Star
Former Employee – Member Success
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at AdvisoryCloud full-time for more than a year

Pros: Dog friendly office, free food, food trucks during the summer

Cons: The company as a whole is a con. Selling an idea and a product that does not exist. Piggybacking off of a legitimate website like LinkedIn to gain small Advisory Jobs. The opportunities are far and few between and you are required to keep blowing smoke at the clients when they inquire as to why nothing has solidified for them. The only thing that keeps this from being a full-blown scam is that, upfront, there is no guarantee…because they know there is nothing real here! Avoid this place at all costs!

Advice to Management: Instead of stringing your irritated customers and your low morale staff along, just shut the doors and admit you don’t have a clue.

Title: “Smoke and Mirrors”

Date: Aug 18, 2019
Star Rating: 1 Star
Former Employee – Anonymous in Novato, CA
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at AdvisoryCloud full-time for more than 3 years

Pros: AdvisoryCloud formerly The ExecRanks is all smoke and mirrors, and half baked ideas. The company has been successful in capitalizing on the number of people that would like to be paid for their “expertise” while returning no real quantifiable return to is members.

Cons: Supposedly one of the “fastest-growing” companies when they layoff people every year.

Advice to Management: Management is far from as profound as they think they are and do not give credit or praise when its deserved.

Better Business Bureau Reviews

Years in Business: 6
BBB Rating: F

Philip T
1 Star
Agree with the other reviewers. Next to useless. Waste of money. Poor service.

Nancy A.
1 Star
Their business model seems to be to make a fast buck. I’m sure most people realize it a little too late and quit after one or two months of paying membership fees. The opportunity for advisory positions have no post dates and are most likely not active. Initially, I was able to see my application status but then that feature was removed. There is no transparency about how they conduct business development to get opportunities listed with them. When I called to cancel they said I needed a 15-day notification but I don’t remember sighing any such contract. They took $200 for profile building which was pretty much my CV summary. Very dissatisfied with the business operations and customer service.

James W
1 Star
I consider this business to be close to a fraud, if not an outright intentional scam. (I said it is close; I do not have sufficient internal information to accuse them of intentional criminal conduct.) I can categorically say that their business practices are not ethical. As a test, I was willing to pay for a year’s worth of “assistance” and “referrals.” Probably about $2400 worth of “placements” from them. (I am a business professor; so doing things like this is part of what I do professionally – same as paying for an overseas trip to get some experience or write up a case.) The way I knew it was close to scam is that this company listed one of my employees as a company seeking other advisors. Let me be clear. My firm (we’ll call it *******) was only listed on my resume; it never independently contacted AdvisoryCloud; and had no other contacts to the outside world other than me. And yet, 2 months after I had signed up and was paying AdvisoryCloud, there was ******* listed as a customer of AdvisoryCloud conducting a search for advisors & directors. Happy to discuss this with anyone interested in the back story. ***** *

Juliet S
1 Star
I was recruited to become a member of ********, now known as Advisory Cloud. This is a business that is designed to help people to be hired as a company board member or board advisor. My experience with this company was not good and I would like to let others who were in my position know that unless they are in a very narrow group of individuals with specific experience, they are likely to have the same expensive and fruitless experience that I had. After a very slick recruitment process complete with a tour of the operation in Novato, promises of meetings, access, online programming, and updates and reviews with staff, I was let down in every way possible. In all, I lost my $200 membership set up fee, and a few months of $195 membership. I was told my extensive experience in Financial Markets would be worth $250-$500 per meeting, and that I could expect to have numerous opportunities to apply for board or advisory positions. I was told that my case would be reviewed quarterly by an advisor. I searched every single opportunity on their website and found only 2-3 relevent positions. I never received any response to my applications for those positions. The interface of their tutorial section was poor; it kept hanging up and eventually malfunctioned completely for me. I spoke to someone about it and nothing ever changed. I called in for my quarterly review and they had no record of the meeting I’d been told would be my follow-up. I compained about the lack of usefulness and little success I’d had but never got any improved service or results. I feel completely duped by this company and would URGE anyone considering it not to waste their money.

Robert M
1 Star
Complete scam. This is a sales operation that is geared to signing up people then they disappear totally. Beware they have now changed their name to AdvisorCloud.

Mark Y
1 Star
Complete scam. Even claiming that after I cancel, I still have to pay an additional month. Completely useless company that borders on fraud.
Denise S
1 Star
Same experience as other reviews. Submitted multiple applications with no response. Paid for nearly a year. Opportunities did not appear to be vetted as real opportunities.

How About This Glassdoor Review Regarding the Interview Process

Aug 27, 2019
Anonymous Interview Candidate
Declined Offer
Negative Experience
Application: I applied through other source. I interviewed at AdvisoryCloud.

Interview: I was recruited by this company as a senior advisor and consultant.
First session was a confirmed phone call and they did not show or respond to emails that I was waiting for their call. A few days later I received a call by another of their “recruiters” who totally glossed over my prior experience as described. Just wanted to march me through their process. Interesting model, where they want a $200 per month membership fee and that was their clear focus. I told the recruiter I would be tied up traveling for a few days but kept getting bombarded with calendar appointments for the next step. I had to ask them to give me some space on four occasions but the calls and calendar invites persisted. I could have been at a funeral, they just did not care. Finally, I had to tell them I did not want to be associated with any organization that conducts themselves as rudely and unprofessionally as they have. I would have had better experience at a Timeshare sales event or gone shopping at used car dealers. As time went on it sounded like a pure boiler room operation with this behavior originating from the top of the company.

Interview Questions: Very few questions. They tell you that you are an “awesome” fit and it is $200 month


This company just sucks… and the more time goes on the more the suck increases. Amazing how the loser, Jonathan Aspertore is a know-nothing, unaccomplished, unethical douchenozzle. Walter Aspatore, he might just be AdvisoryCloud CEO’s Jonathan Aspatore’s daddy, is a member of the AdvisoryCloud Advisory Board. He seemed to have a respectable business career. He should be ashamed of his little Johnny and the fact that Walter lent his good name to the AdvisoryCloud Advisory Board. These advisors listed below risk their reputations attaching their names to a company that forces employees to lie to customers takes client cash and delivers nothing. The entire Advisory Board should be ashamed. Their association with this Dumpster Fire sullies their reputations.

Let’s ask them if they are proud to lend their names to legitimize this scam! Let’s slut-shame them. Are these advisors clueless or unethical creeps?

  • Betsy Atkins, Chairman of SAP Advisory Board, Board Member of Polycom, Volvo Cars, HD Supply, Schneider Electric
  • Walter Aspatore, Chairman of the Board Methode Electronics (NYSE: MEI). and Daddy of Jonathan Aspertore, CEO of Advisory Cloud
  • Andy Briney. SVP of Products TechTarget (NASDAQ: TTGT)
  • Barton Phillips, Vice President, Public Sector DocuSign
  • Mark Griffie, VP of Product Creation, Nike Apparel & Equipment Nike (NYSE: NKE)
  • Alex Kaminsky, SVP of Consumer Marketing, YP (Yellow Pages) a subsidiary of AT&T

Are you folks really advisors? Do you know that Little Johnnie Aspatore is tarnishing your good name? Have you ever agreed to be associated with this scam? Have you read the reviews of this company? Maybe you should ask Scam Master Jonathan Aspatore to remove your names from his web site.  Do you hear that, Betsy Atkins, Walter Aspatore, Andy Briney, Barton Phillips, Mark Gfiffie, and Alex Kaminsky? Do your employers know you are helping a swindler swindle good people?

Fortunately AdvisoryCloud, formerly ExecRanks is failing and failing fast. The layoffs continue as does the damage to customers and employees.

When will it end?