There is no lonelier person than a leader. I’ve been there. I understand the isolation of leadership. In my 30+ years of business, my leadership teams, boards of directors, and family were all available all the time and yet I was often isolated. I required advisors whom I could trust, who had no agenda and who would ask me tough questions. As an executive coach, I strive to be that safe, non-judgemental, confidential, critical thinking partner. I strive to be the cure for the loneliness at the top.


I believe in:

♦  Asking questions
♦  Questioning answers
♦  Critical thinking
♦  Finding truth
♦  Authenticity
♦  Integrity
♦  Making a difference
♦  Caring

What Others Are Saying

Glen’s been a founder, CEO, and a member of the executive team leading organizations to multiple IPOs including a $360M IPO of Progress Software, mergers, and acquisitions including a $92M acquisition of Call Technologies by 3Com.

Before founding Driven Forward in 2007, Glen worked as a hired-gun turn-around CEO in the employ of Private Equity Investors, where he witnessed the effects of isolation and how it often leads good CEOs on a path to failure. In 30+ years of business, he observed isolation-based organizational failure. Most companies do not fail based on one major bonehead decision. They crumble under the weight of many small bad decisions that could have been avoided if the CEO had an impartial sounding board… a reality check.

Well known as DC’s Mr. Cranky. Hellman has zero tolerance for bad actors, be they Private Equity Investors or Entrepreneurs. After over 40 years of business as a founder, a funder and a turnaround executive, Hellman possesses the first-hand experience with the harm inflicted on employees, investors and the business ecosystem by unethical practices, malfeasance, and gross incompetence.

Glen received his coaching training and certification from Vistage, an organization that provides coaching and leadership development to over 15,000 members. As a former Vistage Rookie of the year, he facilitated CEO Peer Groups since 2007. He is an Executive in Residence for the University of Maryland, Office of Technology Commercialization. He was a board member for The University of Maryland, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, and a Former Angel Investor. In 2012 Glen was voted the #1 Angel Investor by Tech Cocktail readers. He’s a Top Rated, Global 100 Mentor for the Founder Institute, and is frequently quoted in print and broadcast for his views on business and entrepreneurship and served as a business analyst for ABC7, WJLA.

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Glen Hellman
Business Strategist
Driven Forward LLC