A Kinder Gentler Daddier Mr. Cranky

The problem with being the only dedicated white collar crime blogger in DC is that it forces me to wade in the shallow swamp full of sleazy, scummy, douchenozzles. Spending too much time inspecting the slugs under rocks can make a man, cynical and cranky. So today, on this fathers day, I’m going to pledge myself to the task of obtaining a streak of positive blog posts. Yes, folks, I promise that starting with this post, I will achieve the world record of one positive blog post in a row!

After all, I have a lot going for me. Both my sons are here to visit me for Father’s day. There can be no higher calling than raising one’s progeny and coaching them into mature, self-sufficient, productive members of society. There is no greater, startup achievement than I can be proud of than these two young men. What’s better than a $360 million IPO of Progress software? Seeing my oldest, who was one year old when we went public graduate with honors from Harvard Law.

Do you know what’s better than a $92 million dollar cash acquisition of Call Technologies by 3Com? Seeing my youngest, who was 6 years old when we sold Call Technologies, purchase and move into his own home with no help from his Daddy. Nope, that kid lined up a job 6 months before graduating from university in 2017, and has never asked for a dime since. In fact, son, can I get a loan?

So this weekend, my youngest is here from his home in Raliegh NC, and my oldest is camped here, studying for the bar before he leaves to clerk for a federal judge in Baltimore.

I miss my Father on this Fathers day. He was a quiet, strong, and extremely principled man. He taught me the value of hard works and the importance of integrity. I could have had no better example of how to raise my sons and the fact that my sons came out better than me is more a tribute to him than it is to me. Thank you, dad! And thank you, my sons.

To all you daughters and sons on this Father’s day… I wish you all a father as incredible as mine. To all you dads, Father’s day is a good day for you to acknowledge the responsibility you took on when you obtained the role of a father. You have the weighty responsibility of raising your children to make the world a better place. You have the responsibility to teach your children to never be the target of a Mr. Cranky’s ire. I hope you all enjoy this Mr. Less Cranky Father’s Day!

So on Father’s day, 2019, I promise the world that, counting this blog post, I will post one positive blog post in a row. Baby steps!

Authors Note: No this isn’t a humble brag… this is an outright bursting with pride, my kids are better than your kids brag! That’s what you get to do when you have your own blog.