5 Ways Crappy Baby Boomer CEOs Lose Their Way with X’rs and Millennials

The world has changed in 30 years. Corporations don’t provide the kind of security and pension plans they use to. People don’t work the same job for 25 years. Baby Boomers are being replaced in the work force by Millennials and bosses can no longer lead by fear, intimidation or ass-hatness.

Leaders can’t effectively lead the same way they learned to lead 30 years ago. The way we hire, motivate, sell, develop, communicate have all changed so you need to change.

So what are some of the things I’ve seen that scream losing leadership.

  1. Forgetting That Others Are Watching – how a leader treats people, how they rebuke, discipline and fire sends a loud message and creates or destroys loyalty. Your people are watching and how you treat even your worst performing employees speaks volumes. Abuse a team member and everyone on the team thinks, “there but for the grace of god goes I.” (Yup even the atheists on the team think that.)
  2. Priority Du Jour – Change your priority or your big idea, or the company’s value proposition every 15 minutes and you’re not a leader, you’re a weather vane in a tornado. People need to depend on something and a daily announcement of our company’s priority.
  3. Solicit Unwanted Advice – Ask opinions and ignore the feedback and you forfeit the right to expect people to care. You will lose engagement.
  4. Taking Versus Giving Credit – Leaders don’t say crap like, I’m the best sales guy, or that was my plan or I did it. They say, you guys did it, we have an awesome team and I couldn’t have done any of this without you.
  5. Walking The Walk – Your people aren’t as stupid as you think. They can see the cognitive dissonance between what you do and what you say. Your words aren’t worth spit if they aren’t backed by your actions.  Want them to work late but leave early? Waant them to feel like it’s their company but you stingely hold on to your equity. Actions speak louder than words and when your words don’t align with your actions you will get the loyalty you deserve.

So stop this, In my day we worked 80 hour weeks crap, because it ain’t your day and your people aren’t Baby Boomers and your people don’t define themselves by the work they do. They’re not you. It ain’t your day anymore and no matter how much you think they love you, admire you, respect you, they’re all talking behind your back. They may fear you but they don’t care about you unless you lead instead of fumble through you days.

Sound like you? Then change…