3Si’s Jason Feimster Plagiarist and Fake VC

I should really write this article the way 3Si’s Jason Feimster would write it… plagiarize it. Because that sure beats doing the hard work of becoming an expert, knowing what you’re talking about or doing any research… well any research that doesn’t involve using google to find great articles to copy. They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery… in that case, 3Si’s Jason Feimster seems to be a flatterer extraordinaire (and don’t I deserve kudos for not slipping in a flatulent flatterer reference in there? Although in truth, this parenthetical is a passive-aggressive way of inserting the word flatulence without looking like I resorted to childhood potty humor).

Now there is a possibility that Feimster is not a plagiarist. It’s possible that he writes so well that everybody who wants to write about Startups and Funding copies him. Some folks are going to say… Mr Cranky, the only reason you’re pissed is because he didn’t like your writing enough to copy you… well that may be true but still…

3Si’s Jason Feimster pretends to be a startup expert… I can find no evidence to confirm that. 3Si’s Jason Feimster pretends to be a Venture Capitalist… he’s not. 3Si’s Jason Feimster pretends to be a writer.. in this Part 1 of Wolves of Startupland 3Si edition (Which is kind of like Law and Order PEE, also known as Parking Enforcement Edition and since I’m writing about plagiarism, I need to admit I heard that PEE joke from someone else.. it’s not mine) I will examine his written work. In future episodes, we’ll look at some of the bad experiences entrepreneurs have had dealing with 3Si and investigate their claims of successfully raising and investing capital.

It took about two hours of work to read through 3Si’s blog posts and find the original works of art from which they copied their posts and claimed Jason Feimster as the author.

Now if I was writing this as the kind of click-bate article that Jason likes to plagiarise, I would title this article:

10 Great Examples of Startup Articles That You Should Plagiarise If You Want to Pretend You Know the Difference Between Startup Shit From Shinola.

And for those of you who are curious… let me help you with the definitions:

  • Shit
    • vulgar slang
      1. feces.
      2. a contemptible or worthless person.
      1. expel feces from the body.
      2.tease or try to deceive (someone).
      “I shit you not”
      1. an exclamation of disgust, anger, or annoyance.
  • Shinola
    • nountrademark
    • a brand of boot polish.
    • USinformal
    • used as a euphemism for “shit”.
      “there’ll be the same old Shinola on television”


  1. A View to an Investor: What We Don’t—and Do—Want to Hear from Entrepreneurs
  2. 10 Key Metrics Early-Stage Investors Want to Know About Your Startup
  3. 10 Tips to Appeal to Angel Investors
    • AlleyWatch – Plagiarist, Jason FeimsterLink To The Copy
    • 3SI Version – Plagiarist, Jason FeimsterLink To The Copy
    • Book – Funding Options for Startups: A Conceptual Framework and Practical Guide By K.S.V. Menon & Garima Malik – Link To Original
  4. Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Fail
  5. Venture Capital for Blockchain Technology
  6. 7 Ways To Fund Your Startup
  7. Startup Launch Checklist: 22 Steps To Success
  8. What’s the difference between smart money and dumb money?
  9. Early Stage Vs. Late Stage Companies
  10. Venture Capital and Private Equity Basics

Bonus Round! #11 and here is an original author who writes an article about 3Si’s Jason Feimster plagiarizing his work calling him out for copying that article. He found his article posted on AlleyWatch with the author listsed as Feimster… he had AlleyWatch take it down.

  • Plagiarism & Fake News: A Market Solution? by Dave Hochman
    • In this article, Hochman calls out the Feimmiester for copying one of his articles, The Do’s and Don’ts When it Comes to Approaching VCs
      • Feimster’s Plagiarized VersionLink Here
      • Hochman’s Original – Link Here
      • And here’s an image of a version that AlleyWatch posted under Jason Feimster’s name before Hochman got them to remove it.


Look for more episodes examining 3Si to come in this edition of Wolves of Startupland. For more information on 3Si, see this pretangel article.

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