12 Step Startup Program

Hi I’m Byron and I’m a Startup Addict. It’s been 7 months 3 days and 14 hours since I’ve last had Ramen.

I knew I first hit rock bottom when I walked in the house one night before 9 PM and my daughter screamed to my wife, “Mommy! Hurry! A strange man just walked into the house.”

Last August, when my son was born, my wife wanted to have a baptism party but I got her to pivot and we threw a launch party.

My wife kept asking me for grocery money and I kept convincing her that she should get the grocer to accept stock options.

I use to wake up at 4AM so I could read Panda Daily, Mashable, Tech Crunch, Tech Cocktail, Fast Company, and umpteen blogs before getting into my co-working space at 10AM.

The three times I went to church last year I brought my own bible. I was excommunicated for arguing with the pastor that the my bible by Eric Ries was the book that came right after Hebrews and before James.

Last week, I was close to falling off the wagon and pitching at 3 pitch events in one week but  fortunately I was able to direct message Larry my sponsor and he talked me down.

Hi I’m Byron and I’m a Startup Addict.