10 Prius Deep Thoughts

The other day I’m in the parking lot of one Congressional Country Club, one of the nations most prestigious Country Clubs whose members by definition are part of the 1 percent. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw the Romney Bumper Sticker. No what surprised me was that bumper sticker was on a Prius.

Now that’s like seeing a Go Green, Save the Earth bumper sticker on a Humvee or Escalade.

It got me thinking…. what other things are you least likely to see in, on or with a Prius.

  1. Prius with a Gun Rack
  2. Prius with a Confederate Flag Bumper Sticker
  3. Monster Truck Prius
  4. Stretch Limo Prius
  5. Gangsta Rap Video with Rappers Tooling Around in a Pimped Out Prius
  6. Prius parked in the Executive Only Parking Spaces of Exxon Mobile Corporation
  7. Prius Police Car
  8. Prius Pick-up Truck
  9. A man parking his Prius in the Parking Lot of a Pickup-Joint, Meat-Market Bar
  10. Prius in a Gas Station