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Quotes of the Year
WBJ Staff"If everything is amazing, eventually nothing is amazing." —Startup investor and blogger Glen Hellman, in August (Read More)

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Introducing Washington's
Chief Agitator

Spreading Tough Love for DC Tech

Mr. Cranky: Glen Hellman calls it like he sees it, whether D.C. tech likes it or not
by Bill FlookGlen Hellman has a knack for making blood boil.This was on full display in a Facebook message Hellman posted in June, jabbing at the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s new board roster. The lineup, Hellman suggested, was inordinately packed with representatives of Fortune 500 companies — not startups. read more

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The critical importance of having the right people in the right seats on the bus

Capital Business - Young firms often need right executive talent
by Steven Olverly“You have very few CEOs who can take a company from a start-up based on the force of his personality and vision, and drive it to a billion-plus company and 10,000 employees and still run that company,” said Glen Hellman, the “chief entrepreneureator” at a company-building consultancy called Driven Forward.Hellman has parachuted into four start-ups at the request of investors. In most cases, investors had lost confidence in the executive’s ability to lead or willingness to tell the truth, Hellman said.“The combination of the fact that [tech stocks] are on sale, and the fact that they’re much more liquid than an angel investment, makes them much more attractive compared to how they were three months ago,” said Glen Hellman, an angel investor and principal at Driven Forward LLC. read more

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The threat posed to startup tech companies seeking VC or Angel Investment when the stock market is down

Venture Capital Focus - Investors mull whether the summer tech startup boom could be facing an ominous exit-plan storm cloud 
by Bill Flook“The combination of the fact that [tech stocks] are on sale, and the fact that they’re much more liquid than an angel investment, makes them much more attractive compared to how they were three months ago,” said Glen Hellman, an angel investor and principal at Driven Forward LLC. read more

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The prospects for a new DC Venture Fund focused exclusively on health tech

New $50M fund targets health care technology firms
by Ben FischerThe new fund will not find any shortage of potential portfolio companies, said Glen Hellman, an angel investor and chairman of Driven Forward LLC, a District-based strategic adviser to entrepreneurs.“That part of their premise is right on,” Hellman said. “They come down to the angel level, because the [New Enterprise Associates] and the Grotechs of the world just won’t give that little amount of money.”But Hellman said the surge in entrepreneurial activity at that level comes with a pronounced need for subject matter expertise, to discern the true gems. read more

Startup America Status Webinar

Startup America Webinar on Glen Hellman fforts to create mentoring partnerships

The Importance of Mentors for Startups
by Scott Case and Kathleen WarnerWhen it comes to mentors and investors, Case said that an important aspect of heading a high-growth startup is investing in creating a network of people who care about your success as much as you do, and to think of it as an advisory group. Startup America, on their end, will be working to make mentors and advisors available to partners. Driven Forward’s Glen Hellman has more on that with his guest blog post on SAP’s website, The Video and The Blog.

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New innovative
small business
methods to raise capital

Unconventional investor matchups take root
by Bill FlookNew, unconventional channels that entrepreneurs can use to find investors are beginning to crop up in the Washington area, part of a burgeoning shift in the traditional venture capital pitch“It’s a Herculean effort to get CEOs to constantly focus their story and drill it down and crystallize it into something that’s easy to understand,” Hellman said. “We’re constantly coaching them on less, less, less — less is more.” read more

Startup America Blog

Giving Back
to Entrepreneurship

Lowering Barriers To Success

Glen Hellman got his introduction to entrepreneurship straight out of graduating from University of Maryland in 1978 when he joined Lexitron Corporation, a company who developed the  precursor to the PC and the first word processor with a screen.  Lexitron quickly went public and was purchased by Raytheon Data Systems and from then on, Hellman has been hooked on start-ups. read more

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Tweeting for capital in 10, 140 character tweets

Tweet Your Way to VC, Angel Funding
by Sarah E. NeedlemanThe elevator pitch has a found a new home on Twitter.Entrepreneurs who registered in advance are invited to pitch venture capitalists and angel investors today via Twitter on the opportunity to invest in their businesses. Participants can submit up to 10 tweets, each of which is limited to 140 characters or less. What’s more, the person who submits the best Twitter pitch will receive a $2,000 prize. read more

Tech Cocktail

TweetDingman Fast Pitch

Startup Pitches Go 140 Characters @TweetDingman
By Jen ConsalvoCan you tell your story in 10 Tweets or less? Glen Hellman wants you to – and the winner gets $2,000. Not bad for just 1280 characters! read more

Executive Leaders Radio

Interview: Glen Hellman

Peter Schwartz and Kathy Albarado interview Glen Hellman of Driven Forward. listen here

Wall Street Journal

Opinion on an emerging scandal at corporate watchdog and proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis.

A Star's Bombshell Exit From Glass Lewis
By David Reilly"Glass Lewis has catered to the real corporate activists and this kind of taint to that kind of customer is a real issue," said Glen Hellman, president of Proxy Governance Inc., a smaller rival. "What does it mean when [Mr. Turner] can't stay there or keep his name associated with it."

Financial Week

Criticism of the GAO report that found no wrongdoing at proxy advisor, Institutional Shareholder Services

Top proxy adviser frisked by Congress: 'They're clean'
By Jeff NashGlen Hellman, president and COO of 100-client Proxy Governance, also expected more criticism of ISS. “It seemed like a pass to me, like much to do about nothing,” said Mr. Hellman, whose firm was founded in 2004. “Even if the conflicts weren’t discussed more, we thought at least the amount of power in one firm would be more alarming to the researchers.”

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Comments on the challenges faced by turn-around executives

Another Year, Another Chief Executive
By Ellen McCarthyStepping in as an outsider can be a daunting task, said Glen Hellman, who joined Ikimbo Inc., a Herndon communications software firm, in July. Ikimbo had also been through several regime changes by the time Hellman arrived, having been run by its founder, Jamey Harvey, and two other chief executives since it was established in 1999.
Hellman says that process can be tough for entrepreneurs who, like new parents, sometimes lack objectivity. "Have you ever met a parent who told you they have an ugly baby? We need to keep asking ourselves, 'Is this an ugly baby?' and founders don't do that. Founders get too close," Hellman said.


Addressing emerging licensing standards for digital media on mobile devices

Coral Consortium Driving DRM Standards for Consumer Devices

"Our membership in the Coral Consortium highlights Cloakware's commitment to increasing the functionality and flexibility of licensed digital content playback, without sacrificing the integrity or intent of the content owners and providers," said Glen Hellman, Asia Pacific General Manager for Cloakware.

Business Gazette

Taking new technology ideas to market.

Municipalities latch on to IntelliPark’s ‘smart’ meter

CEO of Bethesda company says he has a keen eye for inventions 
By Steve BerberichMarketing guru Glen A. Hellman is always on the lookout for visionary inventors. Which is not surprising, considering he hails from Edison, N.J.
Hellman, CEO of IntelliPark LLC of Bethesda, has yet to find another Thomas Edison, the town’s namesake. But at IntelliPark, Hellman has teamed up with Vince Yost, whose sonar-smart parking meter is starting to tap national marketing potential. read more

Voice of America

Web and Video report on parking strategy and new parking meter technology

US Firm Tests Smart Parking Meters
By George DwyerA small company in the eastern U.S. state of Maryland has begun field-testing a new kind of parking meter. It uses sonar detection technology to determine when an automobile has left a parking spot, then resets its timer to zero, eliminating any leftover minutes. watch here

National Public Radio - Marketplace

Using advances in  parking technology to effect habits that foster improved economic healt

Introducing the Sonar Parking Meter
By Stuart Cohen 

There's a new breed of parking meter out there — but beware, it's designed to squeeze more money out of motorists. Stuart Cohen has the story. read more /listen here