In Search Of: Leaders eager to continue to grow, learn and be challenged. And, if you’re the kind of leader who knows who is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier then this group isn’t for you. If you want to know why President Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb… why Read More

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Here we go again. We’ve crested the top of the latest DC Region Startup roller coaster hill and we’re now speeding towards a bottom.  Just four years ago, in 2012 there was a budding DC Startup Industrial Complex. This included multiple media outlets with hot shot reporters, there were record Read More

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People make rational decisions irrationally. This is not something I think, believe, have heard somewhere or read online. No I'm not some wacky haired presidential candidate. This is something I know for a fact from exhaustive research (if you don’t believe me do some research on your own.  You can Read More

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Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016 Time: 6:00 PM Place: Refraction coworking @ Reston Town Center 11911 Freedom Drive, Level 8, Reston, VA (map) Register Here Topic: The human brain is the result of 300 million years of evolution. Yet the part of the brain that makes us human has existed for only 100 thousand years. Our cerebral Read More

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A successful business doesn’t come down to any one factor.  There are many: Founder Brilliance Team Quality Execution Differentiated Product Innovation Catching A Wave Culture Timing Luck More Luck And Even More Luck One hit wonders in business are more the norm than Thomas Edisons or Elan Musks. Yet in business there is no crueler joke than First Time Success Syndrome Read More

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When it comes to entrepreneurs there are entrepreneurs and there are ulcerpreneurs. The entrepreneurs favor a fast pace and quantity over quality while the ulcerpreneurs favor insomnia, insanity and bleeding ulcers over serenity. General Patton said it best when he said, “Holy Crap! Look at all those Indians!’ Oh, no, sorry about Read More

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Appreciation as an Employee Retention Tool It is no secret that a happy team is a productive team. Highly engaged employees beget loyal customers. As a leader one of your primary tasks is turning the people on your team into top brand ambassadors. Yet as the nature of work is changing, Read More

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Look at the above billboard advertisement. It's huge! It's displayed overhead of 4 banks of escalators. I hope ScienceLogic obtained it for for free because that's the likely value of this billboard in clear view of everyone riding the flight departure escalators at Dulles Airport. Think about it folks, how many Read More

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