The other day I was sitting in a group of “thought leaders,” and I was surprised to hear a Harvard B school educated, “thought leading,” respected startup founder, ask "Thee Question." I'm talking the dumbest friggin question asked since humankind took to voice. The muy estúpida questionairo. The #1 ranked most Read More

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When you are the worst mass transit system in the solar system, how do you get customers to regain faith in you? How do you get vigilant trolls like @unsuckdcmetro to stop bashing you?  Well you could spend some of your taxpayer money on actually building a safer, more reliable, more cost effective Read More

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I’ve been working at Surefire Social  for 8 weeks now and I feel like I’ve found my way  home after years of wandering. Why? Because it’s a startup? No. Because it’s a technology company? No. Because I believe I can make a difference? No. All those things are true and yet the reason this Read More

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There are two things that have always bothered me and I want to get them off my chest: I've Been Working On The Railroad - In that song and I quote, "someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Someone's in the kitchen I know."  Here's my question, when the singer says, "someone's in Read More

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Mr Cranky vs Mr Nicey Nice - on BRANDING...Come See Who Wins!! Wednesday, March 25 from 5:30p – 7:30p A MENG DC event sponsored by Glen Hellman debates himself as Mr Cranky and Mr Nicey Nice.  Watch him debate, distilling a brand and getting that message out. Come see who wins. Glen Hellman Read More

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Today the rumor flew.... Apple is going to build a car.  I'm sure it will be a design dream and with that in mnd I'd like to be the first to review the automobile. The Mr Cranky First Drive Apple Car Review It drives like a dream, it's attractive and a head Read More

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I've seen a pitch or two in my day. In fact this weekend I saw five startup entrepreneurs pitching to raise capital and in those five pitches I witnessed seven common pitching mistakes. I'd seen these mistakes many times before. One lady made all seven of these errors in one Read More

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Eight months ago I joined a great company, 10Pearls as Chief Revenue Officer and in that time we doubled revenue, built scalable, innovative software and had some fun and as of today, I’ve accomplished what I came to do…. Got back in the Game – left consulting for doing Got Back In Read More

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