Listen to Donald Trump. Listen carefully and listen like an extinct creature, like the kind of creatures that roamed the earth before everyone with a keyboard and an internet connection became a blogger... listen like a Journalist  (sans the quote marks required when referring to the startup Tech Press) and Read More

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If you haven’t heard by now, Ashley Madison, a for people in a relationship looking to cheat on their partners was hacked and the group that hacked them released a customer list. This Hack is an unfortunate event with a new local twist. Not only are several DC Technology luminaries Read More

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it takes more than building it to succeed. Idea’s are a friggin dime a dozen,.. good ideas, great ideas, fantastic ideas, very very good ideas, awesome ideas, and oh yes…. BS crappy ideas too. Building a company around an idea, even an “awesome” idea does not guarantee success. In fact data Read More

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Like most people in business today, I get a ton of unsolicited emails. Most of them I ignore. And yet today I got two that stood out. To one of them I responded and am about to purchase the product... that's one in a million. To another, a persistent email, Read More

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The other day I read a familiar, crock of poo, argument regarding specialization. A one man SEO vendor was making an argument on why you should never hire a full service digital marketing company. Instead he suggested that you should hire a separate firm, the “best in its field,” for Read More

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Last Week I was at a trade show in Dallas. Not some glamorous high tech soiree. I’m talking a builders show. Where people sell stuff that build stuff. Stuff that provides shelter. Stuff that fills a basic need. Stuff that people can't live without. You know kind of like that Read More

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Walking around the old town of Fredericksburg Virginia on a hot sweaty summer Saturday afternoon and sitting out in front of a house is a young 9 year old entrepreneur. He's selling lemonade and just like a growth hacker, he calls across the street to Mrs Cranky* and me, "Ice Cold lemonade Read More

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I've been reading about a plethora (<- don't know what that means but love how it sounds and makes me look studious) of new startups building new apps and it dawned on me that there should be a simple way of judging is the startup worthy. While looking at Trustify, an Read More

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