Eight months ago I joined a great company, 10Pearls as Chief Revenue Officer and in that time we doubled revenue, built scalable, innovative software and had some fun and as of today, I’ve accomplished what I came to do…. Got back in the Game – left consulting for doing Got Back In Read More

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Glen Hellman (that's me, by the way, speaking in the 3rd Person about myself, which is so darn pretentious and douchie, which is not out of Glen's character and yet is another 3rd person reference to myself, albeit in a more self-effacing manner) will be facilitating a free (as in Read More

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A little background,  In DC there is an invitation-only, CEO organization called Mindshare.  Each year since it’s founding the Mindshare educational program graduated an average of 30 - 50 CEOs. Today the organization claims over 700 CEOs. The Alumni network is substantial and connected sporting an active alumni listserv. The listerv features Read More

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Anyone can tell you what happened in the past but it takes a true visionary to give you a look back at a year that is about to happen. Looking back at the year ahead is the sign of a true visionary!!!! So here's my annual look back at the Read More

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How Do You Know If You’re Business Is Doing Great? As a business coach, I’d ask, “How’s Business.” The standard answer, “Great!” Then the deeper question, “How do you know?’ “Because our revenue is up 10% and we’re turning a profit.” Me: “Well that’s great if your business was a top performer against peers last Read More

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“We believe that by building our own in-house team we’ll be more valuable.” Well I believe that if you don’t get a quality product to market quickly, you’re going to get your clock cleaned. You’re going to be late to market. You’re going to have no revenue. You’re going to be Read More

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The Business Implications of Changing Demographics – Or How You Going To Keep Them Down On The Farm Now That They’ve Seen Paree Black is not white. Up is not down. North is not south and Millennials are not Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers worshipped the accumulation of things.... cars, lawn mowers, lawns Read More

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I've run software companies. I’ve been a software prodect manager.  I've sold software. I've bought software. Yet, in the last 8 months, I’ve learned more about software development while working for 10Pearls, DC’s top software development firm, than I learned in 35 years as a technology executive. So here’s some Read More

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