When Marissa Mayer left Google for Yahoo she jumped off a Runaway Train and hopped aboard a speeding meteor crashing to earth. What works for a runaway train does not convey to crashing meteors. Runaway trains are exhilarating, out of control, rocket ships of momentum. Crashing through all barriers, picking up steam Read More

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The three biggest lies...  The check's in the mail Something about something that is inappropriate for a business blog that involves bodily fluid I'm from the government and I'm hear to help you Lately, especially after the blog post, "DCTech Under a New Mayor," I've been accused by some of speaking out of both Read More

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery does the same hold true for plagiarism. Here's two slide by slide comparisons of 1776's Investor presentation created July 2013 (on the left) and a presentation given by 500 Startups (at the time), Paul Singh on August of 2012 (on the right). I Read More

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Leaders don’t stay still. They are constantly asking questions of themselves, they’re teams, the world. Great leaders are green and growing, life long learners. 5 Attributes Of Life Long Learners Risk Taking – Willingness to push oneself out of comfort zone Humble Self-Reflection – Honest assessment of success and failures, especially the latter Solicitation of Opinions – Read More

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DC Tech has a long history of oohing and awing of the latest shiny objects. We've had Launchbox Digital...... gone The Fort.... gone 1776... so 15 minutes ago ‚Äčand now it's all about Paul Singh's, Crystal Tech Fund.  Before you lump Crystal Tech with the aforementioned objects of a shiny nature consider this.... Founder Experience - Read More

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The rumor is that Evan Burfield of 1776 is about to close on $4M of funding for his Super DeDuper Accelerator. Now for every 100 accelerators, of the Super DeDupor variety or not, it would be lucky if 1 out of hundred had an actual positive return. So if you Read More

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When I was a kid, in the 60's, when there were hippies, the saying amongst the youthful counter culture.... "Don't trust anyone under 30." Then one day, unlike Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Joplin, the Beatles and many other survivors of the 60's turned 30, raising the bar of trust. Well folks, Read More

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There are multiple reasons why America benefit by breaking the shackles of big oil interests and move to renewable green energy. It isn’t just about saving the environment, and it’s not about wordsmithing and morphing global warming to the more energy company-friendly term climate change. It’s about retooling an economy Read More

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