If Donald Trump was pitching a Startup to VCs the way he's pitching himself to the American people, what would that look like? It's going to be YUGE, I tell you! YUGE! Title - Slide #1 The Problem - Slide #2 Solution - Slide 3 The Product - Slide #4 The Technology - Slide #5 Competition Read More

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Can You tell the difference between a adolescent, pre-pubescent, childish, narcissistic tweet from Donald Trump and 16 year old Betty Anne Magillicutty?  In the comment try and identify with of the following tweets are  the real tweets from the Donald.   I don’t cheat at golf but @SamuelLJackson cheats—with his game Read More

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Update on Former #DCTech, DC Founder Institute grad Tim Cook and his wife. Help them out and gain a chance to win a $5K saling trip for 6!  See details below.    New Years update on my beautiful wife Emily Jan 2, 2016 Days before sending Emily home for the holidays, the Nerve pain Read More

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It's not about the destination... it's about the journey. For the founder, for the team, a startup is like peeling an onion. Peeling away each layer. From the inside out. Yes the goal is about peeling that last layer and getting to daylight and yet when that's your total focus. Each layer Read More

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I'm not condeming or condoning any party or candidate here, just observing what I saw on and heard on Tuesday night. Trump wants to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of maniacs yet he wants voters to vote to put his maniacal finger on the button.   Cruz thinks that we're losing Read More

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Startups Run Lean...real lean. Outside unexpected expenses can mean disaster. Founders typically walk the tight rope with no safety net and things like medical insurance suffer. Take the case of Tim Cook, no not the CEO of the company that I dislike called Apple, but Tim the founder of PcTechmate. Tim's Read More

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I’ve been holding back the crank for so long it’s time to blow off steam on just a few pent up topics: Trump’s Multiple Bankruptcises – Paraphrasing the Donald, “Hey, I’m smart. I used the law to my advantage. I took companies through bankruptcy and remained wealthy.” Yes that’s true and Read More

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One Monday night, sitting in a bar with several friends of mine who happen to share the fact that we all have a few (code for most) dog angel investment or two that we’ve made in the last few years and the talk turned to our Zombie companies that are Read More

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